das ma place yo

Bryan Frimin, member of 'Honest Engineering', owes me €600.00. So much for honesty. We worked for months. We both agreed to split fifty-fifty. The guy never paid me. He then lied to most people we both knew in order to keep me away from his little social harem, ensuring he wouldn't have to answer for his deeds. One day, I heard him saying out loud that he was getting €1,200.00 for the work we did. On december 15th, 2015, he called back, promising that he had my paycheck 'right there, next to [him]', 'waiting for [me]'. Fair enough. I sent him my IBAN, and I never heard of him ever again. Once I published the story on LinkedIn, Patrick Frimin, the chump's father, threatened -- with his caller ID hidden -- a relative to report this to the police [WTF?] to force me to remove any and all traces of this story and shut up. Of course, we kept screenshots, witnesses and recordings of most of it. That's the kind of quality people you get to deal with these days. All very lovely! Now that my relative changed her phone number, it's payback time. Besides, Patrick, feel free to come to me in person next time. You owe me an explanation for this. And I have other records of the chump, like when he did identity theft and such.
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